Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Believe it or not, my worst recurring nightmare is one of me sitting in the school exam hall, cracking my head over some math exam, and wishing that I had gotten math homework help.

I was never good with maths. It didn't help matters much that math homework helper didn't usually come free back during my days in school. The maths teachers in school (like most of the teachers I had) would tackle the subject matter without a speck of interest; we on the other hand would just sit there twiddling our thumbs till recess time.

There was no such thing as online homework help back then. If one were to need algebra homework help, just hop on over to the teacher's house (with tuition fees of course).

Kids are way luckier these days. There is a wealth of information right there on the internet. And it's not that hard to find free online homework help. A new tuition center just popped up in our neighborhood, and my neighbor had wanted to send his kid for maths tuition. I told my neighbor to check out online homework help at TutorVista. Times are hard and it's only wise to be frugal.

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