Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is almost Christmas time and my neighbors are stirring up the neighborhood by planning their extravagant Christmas decorations around their houses. Each year they take special care of decorating their Mailboxes as those are the first things that passerbys notice. One of my neighbor prefers to use multi unit mail boxes that can handle his large volume of mails. He usually hangs colorful twinkling lights on his mailboxes to spread the Christmas spirit.

For me, I have done some research online on various types of Commercial Mailboxes as well as Residential Mailboxes and finally settle on wall mount mail boxes as my preferred choice. That is because I tend to keep things neat and tidy to maximize space usage and having wall mount mailboxes will not take up additional space on my front lawn. I have been buying my mail boxes from Mailboxixchange for a couple of times and I am quite pleased with their products and service.

Last year I bought two post mount mailboxes from Mailboxixchange as house warming gifts to my cousin who just moved in his new house. Ever since then I have been hearing compliments from him and his neighbors regarding those mail boxes. Naturally I told them where I got those mailboxes: Mailboxixchange.

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