Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm taking up jogging again after all this time. And my neighbor, who has been tied up with late nights at work these few months is finally back to his normal working hours and has kindly agreed to be my jogging buddy. I haven't seen the guy for some time now and he now has his own little model kit repair store set up in his garage.

Last week, he asked for my advice on marketing his services. Having ruled out a couple of options, we then toyed with the idea of an email marketing campaign for his store. At first, the dude wanted to print out newsletters for distribution to potential customers but was concerned about the costs. I suggested bulk email marketing but we were both clueless as to how to go about doing it.

We then did some research on email marketing services. We have narrowed it down to using the iContact Email Newsletter Tool. While their prices seem reasonable and fit into my jogging buddy's start-up budget, their list of clientele seems pretty impressive too. And iContact seems to be the solution as it takes care of everything from templates to unsubscribes. Perfect for my jogging buddy, who can't afford to spend too much time on this due to his day job.

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