Sunday, September 25, 2011


Just the other day my uncle told me that he booked a cheap flight to Singapore to patronize the new Marina Bay Sands Casino. Now my uncle is known to be a leisure gambler with the intent of making some profit out of it. That said, he is no stranger when it comes to online casino gambling. A good tip from him is to pick one which has a live video feed of the dealer and the online roulette game table to minimize casino frauds and scams.

He also mentioned something about staying away from computerized online video poker machines as the odds are against the player. So whenever the local airline is throwing out cheap air fares, my uncle will check his personal schedule to slot in a trip or two to frequent a physical casino establishment to get his game on. Usually, his close friends will accompany him on his trip to keep each other in check as to stay within their budget limitations.

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