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Sofa and table in the hotel room - The single most powerful tool for winning a negotiation is the ability to get up and walk away from the table without a deal

Salt Lake City, Utah, is a worldwide center for genealogical research.
Even the big department stores sell genealogy supplies.

One newcomer to Salt Lake City, and a non-researcher, got a job as a
clerk at one of those big department stores. She received her
introduction to genealogy one day when a customer came into the store
and asked, "Where do I find the family group sheets?"

The new clerk, with a shocked look on her face, answered, "Family
group sheets? All we carry are the king, queen, double and twin-size

Maybe family sized bedding is taking closeness a bit far! But having
family or close friends is one of the essential needs of all people.
We long for emotional support and intimacy.

Most of us are familiar with studies that have shown that people
suffering from cancer or vascular problems have a higher survival rate
when they enjoy a strong support system of family and friends. People
need people.

Moreover, a supportive wider community can also be important. Not long
ago, scores of people gathered on a California beach, lighting candles
and lifting voices in song. Mostly strangers to one another, they came
there to grieve the loss of 88 persons who died when a jetliner
crashed into the ocean off their coast. They were not even family and
friends of the victims - simply concerned residents who cared.

"Your joy, your pain, your loss, your gain - are ours...for you are
one of us." That is the powerful message of family. At its best, even
an Internet family can help fill our need for closeness. Your joy,
your pain, your loss, your gain - can be shared. You belong. And
together, we'll celebrate it! Or, we will get through it.

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