Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Passengers on the MRT subway - I don't want to be a passenger in my own life

One of your greatest assets is...your imagination!

In his book THE WINNER'S EDGE, writer Denis Waitley tells of high
school basketball players who were divided into three groups.
Group One was told not to practice shooting free throws for one
month. Group Two was told to practice shooting free throws in the
gym every afternoon for a month. Group Three was told to
"imagine" shooting free throws every afternoon for one hour for a

The results? Group One slipped slightly in their percentage
free-throw average. Group Two increased about two percentage
points. Group Three also increased about two percentage points.

Do you want to excel at some endeavor? Or perhaps improve or
change something about yourself? Is there a skill you'd like to
perfect? Or maybe you want to replace your fear of
something, such as speaking in public or heading up a project,
with more confidence and courage. If so, then mental practice,
visioning success, is as important as physical practice. The time
you spend "seeing" in your mind what you are trying to accomplish
actually helps to bring it to pass.

Imagine your success. Visualize doing that thing you fear. Get it
in your mind. Then imagine your success in that area again and
again, like free throws going into the basket. In a short time,
you'll likely discover that things really did change for you!

Anatole France said, "To know is nothing at all; to imagine is
everything." Whatever you desire begins in the mind.
You can IMAGINE what will follow!

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